Kleiv Motorcycle Products
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Kleiv Motorcycle Products was started to create products for older Harley Davidson models. We started with the Shovelhead Harley Exhausts Systems model because several of us had a Shovelheads to do the R&D on. We wanted to make Exhaust Systems first so we could make all those Shovel's out there sound great and complete the look that the customers worked so hard at. Over the years i have heard a lot of owners of old bikes say "there isn't that much out there for old bikes, I guess the major manufactures have forgotten us". Well we are here to create Motorcycle Products for all those old Motorcycles that everyone else has forgoten. Its hard for a manufacture to constantly keep up with all the new Harley's out there, so that is one of the reason that a lot of them don't make products for the old bikes. Well we have no interest in making products for the newer Harleys.

Our goal at Kleiv Motorcycle Products is to Manufacture great products for most of the old Harley's out there such as, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, 57-85 Ironhead Sportsters,FXR and many more. With manufactureing you also have to give the dealers the tools so they can make sure your product is easily understood to the customers.There is still a great number of dealers out there that love those old Harleys and alot of them are Dealers with us. We want to keep our customers happy. So we can keep making NEW products for all those old Motorcycles.

All our products are MADE 100% in the USA. This means that from the first peice of metal that you touch to the hardware that is in the box all of these are made in the USA. It is not worth it to us to sacrafice quality with savings. Some products out there are made over seas and the chrome WILL peel off and the brackets will crack . When you try to get a warranty you can't because they just don't care. We will Warranty all of our Exhaust Systems for 1 Year.

We are planning to set up a list of events that we will attend on the road with our product's to show how high our quality standards are. We want to visit as many dealers we can to educate them on our product line and quality.

Alot of motorcycle owners that have Shovelheads have loved them a long time it is there passion to keep them running, it is our passion too. We love all the old Harleys, that are out there we continue to design and manufacture products to keep those bikes alive.

Thankyou for your support

Kurt Kleiv